You Are Epic.

Hercules, Odysseus and all the other heroes are more than just a legend.

Each of them is a brand.

The famous poet Homer described their adventures in verses called:


Hexameter Is For Sale.

1 Brand. 2 Domains. And More.

An international Name for every purpose.

Not only is Hexameter epic but the name is also suitable for an international business. In the age of digitalisation and social media you need a brand more than ever to stick out of the crowd. If you are a writer, an editor, a blogger or a poet; Hexameter is made for you..

The Brand is Already Registered.

Hexameter is a Trademark registered in Switzerland for the classes 35, 38, 41 - 42.

There are 2 advantages

  1. The registration is valid until January 29, 2021 and can easily be extended. Please view the title here.

  2. By means of the so called Madrid Agreement the brand's owner can extend the protection and file for registration in 92 different countries.

Web Domains

You will also get two web domains that enable you to work internationally.

What is More

You do not want to start from scratch? You don't have to. These extras are included in the sales price:

  • +50 articles, each in English and in German which have been published under the name of Hexameter (nowhere else!)

  • Original images to each article

  • +30 Customized e-cards for your PR, sent via E-Card-Tool